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InConcept Labs proudly stands as the official AWS partner in Armenia, bringing you a gateway to the vast and powerful world of Amazon Web Services. As you embark on your cloud journey, we will make sure it is not just global but optimized for success.

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Join the ranks of AWS success with InConcept Labs

Discover AWS services with InConcept Labs. From resource computing to databases and development, our solutions cater to your unique needs. Benefit from our expertise in AWS Well-Architected services, monitoring systems, and data security assurance.

Our approach ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness with minimal impact on your cloud environment and falls within a reasonable workload range.

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AWS Tips for your elevated cloud experience


IAM users - MFA

Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for all Identity and Access Management (IAM) users adds an extra layer of security by requiring them to provide two forms of identification - a password and a time-sensitive code from a secondary device - before accessing AWS resources. This helps mitigate the risk of unauthorized access, enhancing the overall security posture of your AWS environment.


IAM users - Permissions

When assigning permissions in IAM, the principle of least privilege suggests granting each user only the minimal permissions necessary for their specific tasks. This approach minimizes potential security vulnerabilities by restricting access to the bare essentials, reducing the potential impact of any compromised credentials.


Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

Regularly reviewing IAM users and their associated permissions is crucial for maintaining a secure AWS environment. This practice ensures that user access aligns with current business needs, helping to identify and revoke unnecessary permissions, thus minimizing the risk of unauthorized actions and maintaining a finely tuned access control system.



Rotating access keys regularly for use cases that require long-term credentials is a security best practice that involves regularly changing the cryptographic keys associated with an IAM user. This helps mitigate the risk of unauthorized access in case of key compromise, ensuring a higher level of protection for sensitive AWS resources over an extended period.

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