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With 10+ years in IT and great passion for innovations and AI, InConcept Labs designs, builds, tests, supports and evolves software for businesses across 20+ industries.

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Our Approach:

Validate Before You Build


Assess your business needs

Not every business requires custom software. We will work with you to evaluate your requirements and determine whether a custom solution is the best fit for your needs. If a ready-made solution is more suitable, we'll guide you toward the most appropriate option.


Estimate budget & timeline

Our team will assist you in estimating the budget and timeline required for your project development, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the financial implications involved.


Get experience & availability

Based on your business needs and budget, we'll assess whether our company is the best fit to implement your project.
Also we'll evaluate our team's availability to ensure timely and efficient project execution.



We pride ourselves on delivering tangible results for our clients. Allow the numbers to tell our story of success:


Years of experience


Employees, 35% women


Projects completed


Delivery rate

Success Formula

{ Your project, our expertise }

To deliver the highest quality outcomes, we carefully evaluate project opportunities to ensure a perfect match with our expertise, technology, and resources.

Optimal staffing

Optimal staffing

We maintain an ideal team size for productivity and motivation, avoiding overstaffing.


Team spirit & collaboration

We believe in team spirit and direct communication. Our teams collaborate in the same physical space for creativity and productivity.


Individual responsibility

We foster personal accountability, empowering team members to contribute their expertise and make decisions.

Trust and transparency

Trust and transparency

We build trust and transparency across all levels, enabling open communication and preventing surprises.

AWS Official Partner in Armenia

InConcept Labs proudly holds the distinction of being the sole Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner in Armenia. This unique designation underscores our expertise in delivering top-notch cloud solutions.

Our AWS certificated professionals

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aws ertified employee
aws ertified employee
aws ertified employee
aws ertified employee
aws ertified employee
Amazon partner

Results are everything



As the Chief Executive Officer of an e-commerce marketplace platform, we enlisted the expertise of InConcept Labs to develop a functional prototype for our project. We were initially drawn to InConcept Labs based on a strong referral, and our decision was further reinforced by their experienced team, competitive pricing, and cultural alignment with our organization. I endorse InConcept Labs for their outstanding services. Their comprehensive skill set, combined with their ability to foster a seamless working relationship, makes them an exemplary partner in achieving project success.

Phedon ceo

Mikayel Afyan

CEO, Phedon

Validate your needs with an expert

We offer a Free 30-minute consultation with domain experts who possess 20+ years of experience in the field. We'll assess your needs and help you determine if outsourcing is the best fit for your project.

Consulting benefits:

Get clarity

Understand the budget

Get recommendations

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